Custom Clean

The Service

The Service


We have the capability and flexibility to clean our own or customer supplied containers and accessories to the clients exact requirments. Available for containers from 1ml to 20lt our Custom Clean Service offers the flexibility of container supply to meet your exacting standards and requirements.

Surface Treament & Cleaning Services Available Include:-

  • Sterility
  • Depyrogentation
  • Silanisation
  • Siliconisation
  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
  • Low Particle
  • Purified Water / WFI Rinse
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Certification & Packaging

Our Custom Clean Service offers the following options in Certification & Packaging:-

Types of Certification

  • Certificate of Analysis - TOC
  • Certificate of Processing
  • Certificate of Sterility/USP
  • Certificate of Analysis - Particles
  • Certificate of Compliance - Materials

Types of Packaging

  • Class 10 Cleanroom Polyethylene Bags (single, double, triple)
  • Class 10 Cleanroom Breathable Tyvek Autoclave bags (single, double, triple)
  • Cleanroom grade aluminium foil wrap layers (single, double or triple)
  • Non shedding woven Polyproylene autoclave wrap (single, double or triple).