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Food & Beverage

Our range of Food and Beverage testing products will help you maintain the standards necessary for your industry.


Test Strips

Test Strips

The LaMotte range of test strips offers a convenient, economical way to perform spot checks for several quality factors. LaMotte test strips are a great way to monitor safety standards without having to use reagents or field kits.

Bio Paddles

Bio Paddles

BioPaddles are flexible dual-agar paddles each containing microbe-specific media enclosed in a sterile vial. Identify and quantify microbes in air, soil, water or any surface!

BioPaddles do not require any other testing equipment - only a magnifer and warm place (35°C or incubator) are needed.

> Ready to use. Saves time!

> Reduced cost and waste.

> Longer shelf life than traditional Petri dishes.

> No refridgeration needed.

> No need for inoculating loops or Bunsen buners.

> Simple incubation requirements.

> Unique design enhances colony morphology characterization.

BioPaddle products - all packaged 10 paddles per box. Includes a technical information sheet.


Microbiological Testing

Microbiological Testing

Micro testing without a Macro Investment!